Lakeshore Public Schools Moving from Good to Great by Focusing on Every Child Every Day
School Statistics

The State of Michigan has designed an accreditation system, entitled Education Yes! Under Education YES!, schools receive grades of A,B,C,D-Alert, or Unaccredited. Every individual school building in Michigan now receives letter grades. The system takes multiple measures into account when grading schools.  It factors in MEAP achievement data, teacher quality and professional development, continuous improvement, curriculum alignment, extended learning opportunities, arts education and humanities for all students, advanced course work, school facilities, family involvement, student attendance and dropout rate, and four-year education and employment plans for high school students.  We are very proud of our “straight A” performance ranking.  
Hollywood Elementary: A
Roosevelt Elementary: A
Stewart Elementary: A
Lakeshore Middle School: A
Lakeshore High School: A 

The Lakeshore Public School district, located along Lake Michigan in Southwestern Michigan adjacent to St. Joseph and Benton Harbor, is comprised of the Stevensville and Baroda communities. Lakeshore is a suburban community with a mixture of light industry, agriculture, and subdivisions. The combination of suburban living and easy driving distance to Chicago, South Bend, and Kalamazoo attracts managerial and professional families. The school system consists of three K-5 elementary buildings, one 6-8 middle school, and one high school.  

Lakeshore’s current student enrollment for the 2010-11 school year is 2,900 students (K-12).  This includes 1,308 students in the district’s elementary schools, 683 students in the middle school, and 909 students in the high school.

Five school kitchens serve about 66% of our students each day.  All lunches meet federal nutritional standards. Students are allowed to make various choices, including a salad bar and a special a la carte line with many choices at both the middle and senior high schools.  Parents deposit lunch money into student accounts and a debit card system is used to account for student lunches, at all five buildings.  Approximately 24.7% of our students receive reduced or free lunch.


Students who live more than 1/2 mile from the school they attend are eligible to ride one of our 15 school buses. The buses travel their routes twice each morning and afternoon. First they transport the students in grades 6-12, then the elementary children. Approximately 1,300 students are served each day. To assure timely pickup and delivery, buses do not enter subdivisions. All routes are less than one hour long. All buses are subject to a complete mechanical inspection by the Michigan State Police on a regular basis. Drivers are required to receive frequent training and must hold special certification.
Each driver is certified in CPR and first aid AND all drivers have completed a special hands-on class at the Eaton Truck Proving Grounds in Marshall, MI on Defensive Driving for School Bus Drivers.

The district employs the following:  157 teachers, 2 media specialists, and 7 guidance personnel; 1 social worker; 3 technical staff; 15 administrators; 17 clerical staff; 10 custodians and maintenance personnel; 24 food service staff; 15 bus drivers; and 36 paraprofessional aides.