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    Lakeshore Schools has a fiscal responsibility to stay in compliance with Federal guidelines. In order to meet these guidelines, parents/guardians are responsible for meals purchased by their student(s) in the cafeteria. 

    Please make sure all balances are kept up to date. You may turn in cash or a check at the school office. Payments may also be made online at www.mymealtime.com. There is a fee for this service to make a deposit. There is not a fee to set up the account. When using the mymealtime access, parent/guardians and students can view purchases. All students have personal accounts with student ID numbers. You will need this number to open an account when paying online. 

    Our goal is to ensure that students are provided a healthy meal. We discourage meal charges, but understand that it occasionally happens. There will be no charges allowed the last two weeks of school and there will be no charging for ala carte items. All unpaid balances will be given to the building principal. 

    Free/Reduced Meal Applications are available in the office, and on the district website. An application can be turned in at any time during the school year. Emails are sent out every Monday and Friday with low balances and negative balances are sent out every day so that you can respond. 


    Students will be given low balance and negative balance slips on Fridays. When accounts reach negative $15.00 the school will contact the parent/guardian. 

    Middle School 

    Students will be given a low balance slip when they have $6.00 left in their account. Students will receive a negative balance slip the day they have a negative balance. They will continue to receive a negative balance slip every day after this. When accounts reach negative $10.00 the school will contact the parent/guardian. 

    High School 

    Students at the High School are not allowed to charge. Students are notified verbally at the register when their balance is low. The kitchen manager or Food Service Director can be contacted by parent/guardian to allow 1 day charge for one meal. 

    If you have any questions please contact me at 269-428-1400 x2965. 

    Pam Greiffendorf

    Food Service Director