• Amy Perkins 

    Social Studies

    Email: aperkins@lpslancer.net

    Phone: 269-428-1402 ext. 2243

    Room: 243

  • Amy

  • Welcome! A brief introduction....  I teach World History, AP World History, US History, AP US History, and Civics at Lakeshore High School.  I started my career at Lakeshore in 2002 upon completion of my Master's Degree in 20th Century US History.  Although my graduate research focused specifically on race and ethnic relations, my personal interests are quite expansive.  I embrace every opportunity to travel internationally, foster partnerships with agencies and individuals throughout the world, and leverage these experiences/relationships to enhance my students' understanding of history, geography, and current events.  

    Ultimately, a thorough study of history is most meaningful when it helps us better understand our present and predict our future.  That said, memorization is not the focus of my classes.  Rather, critical thinking, synthesis, and active engagement are at the heart of what we do here.