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    *** Lakeshore Community Enrichment is always looking for instructors to hold classes for both kids & adults

    Fall 2018


    Trent Watford/Tech Help


    If you upgraded to Windows 10 or purchased a new computer, you probably can do the basic functions you need to perform. But you may be only scratching the surface of the new features of Windows 10. This hands-on workshop will help

    expand your understanding of new features such as the Start Menu, Apps, the Edge Browser, File History, Cortana, Timeline, and more. Please bring your own Windows 10 laptop if you have one or reserve one of ours (limited number available). For questions about the class, contact the instructor, Trent Watford, 269-428-7226 or trent@techhelptraining.com. (Instructor-Trent Watford of Tech Help, techhelptraining.com)

    • Prerequisite: Basic computer & internet skills
    • One session: Tuesday, October 2, 6:30-8:30 pm in RM 122 at Lakeshore High School, $21

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    You may have heard about spreadsheets or even worked on one, but are not comfortable using it and would like to start with the basics. In this class you will learn how to navigate the Excel interface, how to enter data, and how to manipulate data. You will create a simple spreadsheet, save it, and print it. (Instructor-Trent Watford of Tech Help, techhelptraining.com)

    • Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge
    • One session: Wednesday, October 10, 6:30-8:30 pm in RM 122 at Lakeshore High School, $21

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    You may have worked with Excel a little but would like to increase your productivity and comfort level. In this class we will explore many of the ways to format a spreadsheet and how to create basic formulas to produce calculations on the spreadsheet. The class includes time to practice on a lab computer or on your own laptop if you bring one. (Instructor-Trent Watford of Tech Help, techhelptraining.com)

    • Prerequisite: Basic Excel knowledge
    • One session: Wednesday, October 17, 6:308:30 pm in RM 122 at Lakeshore High School, $21

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    Microsoft's new collaboration tool called “Teams" is part of the Office 365 suite. And it is now available with the basic features for up to 300 users for free. Teams is a complete chat and online meeting solution that helps people easily communicate and share files, calendars, and project information on their devices (computers phones and tablets). In this two-hour hands-on workshop, you will learn the basic features of Teams and how to use its power to make your company, organization, or family more productive. (Instructor-Trent Watford of Tech Help, techhelptraining.com)

    • Prerequisite: Basic computer skills
    • One session: Tuesday, October 23, 6:30-8:30 pm in RM 122 at Lakeshore High School, $21

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    If you already know the basics of using PowerPoint and would like to learn some of the advanced features to prepare beautiful and compelling presentations, this class is for you. Learn how to create new templates and use slide masters. Discover how to insert spreadsheets, tables, graphs, sound, and video into slides. We will also introduce you to the necessary concepts and skills to avoid "death by PowerPoint”. You are encouraged to bring your own PowerPoint project to work on during class. You may also bring your own laptop with a copy of PowerPoint.

    • Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge & basic PowerPoint skills
    • Two sessions: Tuesday, November 6 and 13, 6:30-8:30 pm in RM 122 at Lakeshore High School, $42


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    Bill Westerbeke

    Estate Planning Basics

    What happens to your assets if you become incapacitated or pass away? What is probate? What is a Living Trust and do I need one? Will a young relative, special needs child, or in-law have access to my estate? Attend this presentation to learn about the important components of planning your estate.

    • Tuesday, October 2nd 6-7pm Rm #125 at Lakeshore High School, $6.00

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    What if you (or a loved one) suddenly needs to be cared for in a Nursing Home? How will you pay for nursing home costs which can approach $8,000 per month? Why can't you just give everything to the kids? Are you prepared to deal with physical and/or mental challenges associated with aging? Attend this presentation to learn more about Elder Law and how Elder Law Attorneys address the unique needs of seniors during the aging process.

    • Tuesday, October 9th 6-7pm Rm #125 at Lakeshore High School, $6.00

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    Caller Ken Burke

    Square Dancing is Michigan's Official Folk Dance and offers a little something for everyone, regardless of age!  No experience necessary, aside from perhaps a love of music.  Ken Burke, the Certified Caller/Instructor will lead you through a series of basic dance steps.  The sessions are held on Tuesdays and begin September 18 from 7-8:30 at Hollywood Elementary Gym, 143 E. John Beers Rd. Stevensville.  Take advantage of the September 18th free introductory lesson.  No need to register - just show up for the free session.  Questions?  Contact Ken Burke at 269-325-7204 or email burkenone@yahoo.com



    The High School is available weekday evenings for walking from 5-8pm M-TH (except when students are not in session) Please use the main front entrance Door #1 by the flagpole.


    Lakeshore Community Enrichment – Fall 2018

    5771 Cleveland Avenue, Stevensville MI 49127 - 269-428-1400

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