• Paula Hazzard-Reed



    Social & Emotional Learning Counselor

    Email: phazzardreed@lpslancer.net

    Phone: 269-428-1414 ext. 4090

    Room: Guidance Office




  • First Annual Leadership Book Swap 2019

    A new tradition began this year, Hollywood Elementary’s Spring Book Swap.  In honor of March is Reading Month, our Hollywood Super Stars were determined to get “new” books into the hands of all students.  To begin with, the 3rd grade held a design competition for determining the currency for this year. All 4th and 5th grade students had the opportunity to offer a personal design. After narrowing the submissions down to 10, the action team voted and Ethan Thomas’ design won.  Hundreds of copies of his Book Buck design were distributed to students who brought used books in for the swap. The 3rd grade action team collected books for two weeks, which provided nearly 1000 books for swapping. Students could also trade Star Bucks for Book Bucks too. For two days our 3rd graders, Kya, Amber, Erin, Kegan, Dylan, Jacob, Sydney, Ella, Mason and Brody ran registers as our entire school shopped for new books.  When the shop was closed for the season, the remaining books were donated to local reading programs, thanks to Mr. Heppler’s recommendations. Huge SHOUT OUT to our fabulous staff for their flexibility in getting this new program up and running. None of this would have been possible without the organization and supervision skills of our amazing parents, Mrs. Bradley, Mrs. Garrity, Mrs. Kerschbaum, Mrs. Pschigoda, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Sircher and Mrs. VanHarn.  Thank you Mrs. McNees and the entire W.I.N. staff for being flexible and allowing us to use the media center to house our Book Swap. This program offered a way to create a Win-Win solution to getting books into the hands of all Hollywood Super Stars. The entire Hollywood community synergized to make it a huge success!