• Mathematics & Science Center

    The Lakeshore Mathematics and Science Center operates a four-year program that provides special opportunities and course work to students with aptitude and interest in science and mathematics. In addition to the participation of Lakeshore students, the Math/Science Center is also open to students from other area schools.


    Students apply to the Center no later than March of their 8th grade year. Applications will be reviewed by a district selection committee. Admission to the Center is based on student responses to written portions of the application, teacher recommendations, grades, and SAT scores. Students must have satisfactorily completed Algebra.

    Four Year Course Plan

    Freshman Year
    Advanced Honors Integrated Geometry
    Advanced Honors Research Biology
    Advanced Honors Computer Science 1

    Sophomore Year
    Advanced Honors Integrated Algebra
    Advanced Honors Analytical Chemistry
    Advanced Honors Computer Science 2

    Junior Year
    Advanced Honors Pre Calculus
    Advanced Honors Contemporary

    Senior Year
    Math Choice:
    AP® Calculus AB
    Science Choice:
    AP® Biology or AP® Chemistry or AP® Physics