• Secondary (Grades 6 - 12)


    Lakeshore Public Schools is expanding its longstanding partnership with Michigan Virtual (MV) to provide a fully online option to our 6-12 students. Our secondary students have previously found success utilizing MV courses when a course is not offered within our school or when an online course solves a student’s scheduling conflict. MV is accredited and fully aligned with the State of MI Standards, the Common Core Standards,  and  the  Michigan  Merit  Curriculum  to  ensure  our  students  are  on  a  pathway  towards graduation.


    MV  hires  Michigan  certified  teachers  to  write  curriculum  and  teach  their  courses.  Students  develop relationships  with  their  online  teachers  and classmates through discussion boards, phone calls, emails, text   messages,   instructional   videos,   and   online   help   sessions.   Students   will   primarily   work asynchronously,  meaning  the  student  will  independently  develop  a  schedule  to  complete  coursework. Students  will  be  provided  a  mentor,  an  LPS  employee,  who  will monitor their progress and with whom they will periodically check-in.


    Key features of Michigan Virtual

    • No scheduled synchronous learning - students have flexibility in daily schedule
    • Full asynchronous  learning  with  teachers providing synchronous weekly office hours for drop-in support
    • Teachers respond to emails within 24 hours
    • Teachers provide video and/or text-based feedback on assignments within 72 hours
    • Student-to-teacher and student-to-student interaction through email, text, discussion boards, and the Brightspace learning management system


    Grades 6-8

    Students  who  enroll  in  Lakeshore  Virtual  Academy  will  take  Language  Arts,  Math,  Science,  Social Studies, and two elective courses. All virtual classes are a semester long and taught by Michigan Virtual (MV) educators who are Michigan certified teachers. Students should expect to log into each class daily and  complete  activities,  assignments, and assessments. Students' daily schedule will be based on their course selections. Students entering the eighth grade who have qualified for Algebra I or select Spanish or French for credit will be placed in a MV high school course and will receive high school credit. Students will receive grades from MV that will be placed on their LPS report card.


    Grades 9-12

    High  school  students  enrolled  in  MV  pursue  courses  that  fulfill  Lakeshore  High  School  graduation requirements. Students will individually select courses that best fit their needs and interests with guidance from LHS counselors. Students will receive grades from MV that will be placed on their LPS transcript.


    MV offers dozens of core and elective courses, including Advanced Placement, Statistics, Economics, Calculus, World History, US History, Government, multiple World Languages, Music, Art, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.