• Lori VonKoenig


    Email: lvonkoenig@lpslancer.net

    Phone: 269-428-1402 ext. 2050

    Cell: 269-932-2314

    Room: Band Room

  • Mrs. Lori VonKoenig

  • Bachelor of Music from Western Michigan University, 1984

    Master of Arts in Counseling and Educational Psychology from Western Michigan University, Cum Laude, 1994

    Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Michigan, 1994-Present

  • I’m the most blessed of all teachers, I get to do what I love with the people I love every single day. Sometimes the music is sweet, sometimes it is sour; but it is always a gift to create it with others. My greatest joy is when I step away into the shadows of the sideline and allow my kids to shine.  That is the ultimate test of a successful teacher, if your students can get along without you. Then you know you have done your job well!

    Lori VonKoenig is a 1980 graduate of Lakeshore High School! In 2000 she was awarded the U.S. Presdiential Teacher Award from President Clinton, in 2001 she was awarded the Golden Acorn Award for Excellence in Teaching from the Berrien Community Foundation,  in 2003 she was awarded the R. James Johnson Distinguished  Educator Award from Lakeshore Public Schools, in 2005 she was recognized as the 1st recipient of the Berrien County PAC Outsanding Educator for students with special needs, in 2007 she was the 1st recipient of the Lakeshore Outstanding Alumni Award, in 2011 she was named the Michigan Competing Band Association's Outstanding Director,  in 2015 she was recogniozed as one of the "Top 50 Directors Who Make a Difference" by the School Band and Orchestra Magazine, and in 2016 she was named the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association's Outstanding Band Director.