School Closure Food Delivery

 School Closure Food Delivery


Dear Parents/Guardians,

In weeks to come we would like to continue having breakfast and lunch available for our students.  These meals will begin on March 16th. We will be dropping off sack lunches and breakfast at 11:30am Monday-Friday at four sites. These meals are for children 18 and under.

The sites are:

Spring Lake Mobile Home Park Community Center-11:30

Shawnee Mobile Home Park Community Center-11:30

Lake Pines Apartments Community Center-11:30

Baroda Estates Mobile Home Park Office Area-11:30 

A sack lunch and a breakfast for the following morning will be available for you to pick up. These meals are to be taken to your homes to eat.  You may only pick up meals for children in your home. 

Additional sites may be added as needed.

If you have questions, please call Pam Greiffendorf at 269-428-1400 x 2965