Board Makes Decision for Fall 2020

Board Makes Decision for Fall 2020

On August 10, at a meeting of the Lakeshore Public Schools Board of Education, Superintendent Phil Freeman presented three options for the beginning of the school year. These included:

Option 1 - A full return to school

Description: This model will look much like a traditional model of school: full day, five day a week in-person instruction. Specific safety protocols will be implemented as mandated by the State to mitigate the danger of transmission of COVID-19.

Option 2 - A fully remote start to the school year

Description: Beginning the school year in a fully remote environment for a defined period of time.

Option 3 - Phase-in Model Resulting in Face-to-Face Instruction

Description - A return to face-to-face instruction with a defined period of time (two weeks to three weeks) where protocols can be taught and practiced and remote learning will be introduced. During that time, students will get an opportunity to meet their teachers and receive materials and instruction on how to work remotely should we be closed for a period of time.

Included in each of these plans is the option for parents to select a fully virtual option, the Lakeshore Virtual Academy.

The Board ultimately supported Option 3 by a 6 - 0 vote. Details of the scheduled phase-in will be developed in the coming days.

Thank you to our staff and community members that participated in our Town Hall meetings to share their perspective. Your input was valuable as the Board deliberated before taking action.