January 2, 2021 Update

January 2, 2021 Update

As previously planned and communicated, following a three-week transition to remote learning at the High School, Lakeshore Public Schools will return to in-person learning for all grades PreK-12 starting on Monday, January 4, 2021. The Governor and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services gave the green light to reopen high schools for face-to-face instruction during a press conference just prior to the holidays. In our meeting with the Berrien County Health Department last week, we were informed that local data supports the reopening of our schools on January 4 for in-person instruction in all grades, K-12. Average daily rates in the community have lowered to numbers we haven’t seen since late October. Positivity rates continue to decline as well. Review of data throughout the first semester continues to indicate that schools are the safest places in the community because of our adherence to strict protocols. 

As we return to school, I want to stress that our focus on creating a safe environment is what has helped us successfully remain open. The three W’s are critical, and I encourage you to continue to focus on the importance of these protocols.

  • WASH YOUR HANDS - We provide opportunities throughout the day for students and staff to wash/disinfect their hands. 

  • WEAR A MASK - It is vital in our continued efforts to comply with masking rules. When selecting a mask, there are many choices. Here are some tips:

    • Choose a mask that has two or more layers of washable, breathable fabric, completely covers your nose and mouth, and fits snugly against the sides of your face and doesn't have gaps. 

    • Gaiters should only be worn if they have two layers of material and are not prone to slipping off the nose and mouth.

  • WATCH YOUR DISTANCE - We will continue to work with our students to socially distance as much as is practical during the day. 

Equally as important is a continuation of daily symptom checks prior to school each day. It continues to be vitally important for families to complete these daily checks to help us reduce the danger of transmission and reduce the number of students that are quarantined due to exposure to symptomatic or positive cases. If your child has symptoms or has been exposed to someone with symptoms, please keep them home and follow protocols for testing and quarantines.

Only through teamwork have we been able to continue providing meaningful options for in-person and virtual experiences for our students. The benefits are clear as can be seen in academic progress and in the social-emotional wellbeing of our students. The District will continue to promote safe and healthy practices for all staff and students upon our return to school on Monday, January 4.  Thank you for your continued support.