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Lakeshore Public Schools

Philip Freeman, Superintendent  428-1400


Julie Powell, Assistant Superintendent 



The Lakeshore Public Schools thanks you for your continued support of our schools through the renewal of the Building and Site Sinking Fund. As you know, these funds are an integral component in our effort to carry out a ten-year capital improvement plan that was carefully laid out in 2012.


Our commitment to this community is to be good stewards of the funds generated by both the 2013 Bond and the 2014 Building and Site Sinking Fund. Toward this effort, we are in the process of developing a website through which the community can track our progress.


It is not by chance that Lakeshore Public Schools ranks among the best districts in the state. Just this school year,

Lakeshore Public Schools was designated as an Academic State Champion by Bridge Magazine. U.S. News and World Reports ranked Lakeshore High School 32nd out of more than 800 high schools in Michigan, putting us in the top 4% in the state and top 11% nationally. The Building and Site Sinking Fund plays a significant role in our ability to focus precious general operating fund dollars on the classroom and continue to provide outstanding programs for our students.


Once again, thank you for approving the renewal of the Building and Site Sinking Fund Millage for ten years. Through your generous support and investment in our schools, you support us in our efforts to continue to provide an outstanding educational experience for our students.



Philip S. Freeman

Superintendent, Lakeshore Public Schools




143 East John Beers Road
Stevensville, MI 49127 
Phone: 269.428.1414

Fax: 269.428.1578

Principal: Marcy White


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>Hollywood Elementary



2000 El Dorado Drive, 
Stevensville, MI 49127 
Phone: 269.428.1416

Fax: 269.428.1576

Principal: Marcia Bowman


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>Roosevelt Elementary

Stewart Elementary


2750 Orchard Lane, 
Stevensville, MI 49127
Phone: 269.428.1418

Fax: 269.428.1580

Principal: Lori Kuntz


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>Stewart Elementary

Middle School


1459 W. John Beers Rd., Stevensville, MI 49127 
Phone: 269.428.1408

Fax: 269.428.1571


Principal: Jason Messenger


Asst. Principal:

Lynn Grunert


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>Middle School

High School


5771 Cleveland Avenue

Stevensville, MI 49127

Phone: 269.428.1402

Fax: 269.428.1572

Attendance: 269.428.1410


Principal: Michael Mulligan


Asst Principal: Brad Brunner 


Asst. Principal/Athletic

Director: Greg Younger


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>High School


Bond Project Schedule